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In memoriam of Leonard Cohen! 
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Love should be the weapon of choice! 

“Peace & Joy are not circumstantial!” and at times such as these, hopelessness may try to afflict our spirit. It physically hurts me to see hate & evil incarnate in my fellow human RACE; not only in their despicable behavior towards each other, but in words shared both written & verbally expressed. I trust God is still in control and he gave us “Free Will” to act and say as we choose. God isn’t doing this, We-Us humankind are doing this. For everything we say & everything do, we will be held accountable for!!! There will always be consequences to be paid for our actions; positive or negative, but consequences nonetheless. 

Say NO to hate! Say NO to violence! We are ALL children of God! And if you call yourself a Christian, please ask yourself…. What Would Jesus Do? Please be a conduit of peace, kindness & of LOVE! Act instead of talking & perpetuating so much hate. Educate yourself and better society with knowledge, understanding & respect. Love is the only weapon we should use against anyone! God is still God no matter what happens. Love is still Love no matter how much hate is generated out there. We are all still creation of God; Created in his image & for his honor & glory! I pray we find a sliver of hope before hate consumes humanity- or whatever is left of it!!! God have mercy!!!

I refuse to choose any side in which hate & violence is the goal to reach in order to gain attention to a plea. I refuse to side with any airs of supremacy and/or airs of royalty. God is the ONLY King & sovereign. No ONE has the right to take other lives. Our time is so limited on this earth, and we spend it hating each other or trying to fit in. How pitiful we’ve become. Instead of loving, respecting & celebrating our differences we torn each other down. 

We need LOVE! We need Kindness! We need GOD!!!! 

The Wisdom in Silence! 

  • “Silencing our own qualities is humility.
  • Silencing the good works of others is envy.
  • Silencing ourselves to avoid hurting the susceptible​ is delicacy.
  • Silencing our own defects is prudence.
  • Silencing the defects of others is charity.
  • Silencing the useless words is wisdom.
  • Silence to listen to others is education.”

-Via my cousin Edward Croban-

Look at Love….a poem! 

“Look at Love”
by Mevlana Jelaluddin RumiEnglish version by Nader Khalili

“Look at love how it tangles with the one fallen in love look at spirit how it fuses with earth giving it new life.

Why are you so busy with this or that or good or bad? Pay attention to how things blend.

Why talk about all the known and the unknown? See how the unknown merges into the known.

Why think separately of this life and the next? when one is born from the last!

Look at your heart and tongue one feels but deaf and dumb the other speaks in words and signs.

Look at water and fire earth and wind enemies and friends all at once. The wolf and the lamb, the lion and the deer, far away yet together.

Look at the unity of this spring and winter manifested in the equinox.

You too must mingle my friends since the earth and the sky are mingled just for you and me.

Be like sugarcane, sweet yet silent don’t get mixed up with bitter words.

My beloved grows right out of my own heart how much more union can there be? 

“It must’ve been….”

ser·en·dip·i·ty - serənˈdipədē/

✨Feeling as though my thoughts are traveling one million miles per hour….None make sense. My inner speech blurred and I’m seriously at peril of sounding stupid, if I ever find a way to make my voice box sound. I can’t seem to gather any coherent thoughts thus unable to utter any intelligible words.Cannot seem to concentrate beyond this feeling. My heart compressed, my breath shallow & tachycardia has definitely set. It feels as if my heart is doing summersaults and I feel slightly nauseated. Giant Butterflies in my tummy & my skin is covered in goose bumps. My face flushed and I bet my pupils must be freakishly dilated. I am perspiring & shaking –I’m hot & I’m cold simultaneously. I’m terrified and elated. Happy and sad. My body feels light and heavy. I’m lightheaded. Slightly intoxicated with the most beautiful & delicious sensation.

What is this? What is this…

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