To Be….Or not to Be? … 馃摑

Hello reader (S)

I am supposed to write to…well, YOU!

Who are you?

Why do I ask? Well, because I am basically answering a very daunting question about you!

Who is my dream audience-reader?



You see, when I was asked this question, I did NOT know what to say! I am not rendered answer-less very often, however, this time I was! I was picking my brain, looking for a real answer. Suddenly, I felt frustrated, puzzled and irked. I asked myself…Ada who are you writing for? The answer…came surprisingly quick this time. I–I Am writing for Myself, my friends, my known & my unknowns.

I know what I like and whom I like. I like smart, sensitive, open-minded individuals. I am a closeted nerd who is a hopeless romantic & often called idealistic at heart. So, it is only typical you’d think my dream reader would possess qualities similar to mine Right? No! I am NOT writing for anyone in particular! In fact I am writing for anyone & everyone who would have the inclination to read what I want to write about & share.

So, regardless of who you are, or who you were. You are welcome to share in this journey with me….and if you enjoy watching “The Big Bang Theory” You are already VIP in my book 鈽猴笍
That’s all folks!!!
Love, Peace & Chicken Grease!!!
Ada 鉂わ笍


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