Love Actually….

I am convinced beyond the shadow of doubt that LOVE is the absolute redeeming quality mankind could possess! Love, in it’s purest form allows us to reach God…..We are able to move God from his throne! How? When we pour our hearts out in prayer, we selflessly perform an act of LOVE. Yes! Love! An act of Love….because it is only through Love itself that we can open our hearts to give! To give our time, patience, forgiveness etc! Oh, but there is much more….Love, has made possible for mercy, grace and kindness, to still mend broken hearts; and to fill the void carved into the hearts of man kind. A void made by suffering, hate, selfishness, resentments–a void made by wars and all evil, unjust, unfair situations; and/or consequences of our actions, and/or the actions of others. Love, heals and changes us. Love mends brokenness and aids the heart. Love, leads the mind to prompt our bodies into physical and emotional healing sources.

Love, goes beyond the mere selfishness and appropriation we often think accompanies our relationships. I am not only speaking on the romantic realm of Love. We tag Love unto everything we claim as ours. Somehow it isn’t Love, if it isn’t entirely our property. Thus introducing “Jealousy” and “Ownership” and attach it to the meaning of Love. As if for some reason we Must possess the person, item, tittle and even idea, for it to be “LOVE”; For Love to be ours!

We have failed to see that Love is not SELFISH. Love goes beyond a feeling–LOVE is quality of life, a style of living. Love is a verb. Love is more than a doing word; Love is everything….a way to express physical action, mental action….a state of being ….it isn’t enough to say we love, we must do, we must Be! Want an example? Well here is the best example of Love. Wasn’t Jesus sacrifice on the cross for us all the best way to embody Love & show Love in it’s entirety?

Now, I understand the nature of our possessiveness. However, We cannot claim ownership of Love as a feeling, for LOVE is a gift! A gift we receive and a gift we give!

Our children for example, we love unconditionally….right? However, in order for our children to grow into productive and healthy members of society, we must raise and teach them with loving patience, understanding, kindness, and discipline. We also must trust them enough to let them make decisions. We must let go, and we must accept, support and Love them with all that entails. Why is that? Well, the one common denominator we have is LOVE; which we carry from our past; Ties us with our present and guess what? Love is what we leave behind as the “true” legacy our children will have in the future! Not money, property or even education. It is Love because that is the one true tie to lasting memories and life we leave, once we are gone!

There is a say I’ve known since I was a little girl. “…If you love something you must set it free. If it is yours it will come back to you, if it doesn’t it never was.” I remember thinking and actually verbalizing my pressing query. I couldn’t possibly understand how a person or pet which had passed could have possibly not love me…..simply because it would never come back to me. I used to say, Jesus left for Heaven and still loves me….right? My Sunday school teachers would smile & nod their heads and say yes Ada ☺️

Ok, how about growing up and moving away, out-growing a situation, or seeking happiness beyond our immediate surroundings? How would that diminish the amount of the feeling you have or even had? Yes, had for a person, place, situation etc. Perhaps, I am a sentimentalist, a dreamer…. but the act of learning, growing and becoming self-sufficient and responsible, shows more love than remaining attached to an idea, a place, a person.  Withering away; becoming resentful and turning all loving feelings into hateful, bitter sentiments. By allowing those feelings to harbor, not only transforms love into hate, it changes the person–deep within their core by carving a void only Love could possibly fill again by healing it.

Love is shown in our ability to RESPECT and accept others in complete and utter disregard of our own opinions, perceptions and expectations! If we can selflessly give, without the expectancy of anything in return, we would see a change in the world. The day we learn to love, accept and not judge others; the moment we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves! The day we truly embrace LOVE, then we will no longer see hatred, violence and prejudice as part of mankind actions and the sad but true demise of our society as a whole.

God is LOVE!
Love is telepathic……
Kindness is infectious, and smiles are contagious! We all want peace….However, let’s start with Love & I promise you that Peace will follow!!!

Love, Peace & chicken grease to Ü all!

Ada ❤️


9 thoughts on “Love Actually….

  1. I agree with what you wrote. It is an idealistic dream, because people are imperfect and sinful. All of our good intentions to love unconditionally and without expecting anything in return are worth the effort. Everyone – and I mean everyone – would have to get on board for the kind of Love that leads to Peace. You have a huge heart. I love your little ending with chicken grease 🙂

    • I do get called “Idealistic” “Hopeless Romantic” a lot 😀 But i have to have faith that we as people can change! We have the capacity to–like you said we lack the will! Perhaps is a doom dream, but i wish…just wish we could LOVE more!!! Thanks for the words Robin :))

  2. That was a great piece. I really get the feeling of where you are coming from and I have to agree with everything you said. Keep writing, I will be on the look out for your next post!

  3. Completely irrelevant to the entry, but “Love Actually” is the title of one of my favorite songs by Cady Groves! 😉 On a more focused note, you seem a lot like me! I love your writing style!

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