Je Suis…..

Qui Suis Je?
Je Suis…..

Okay, so perhaps the opening of this post is a bit perplexing….and it’s in French! It’s a question! Yes, It is an open question, followed by an unanswered – answer? How so? Hmmm….
1st- if you don’t know French, you probably went on and googled it. That’s what I would do, if my dictionary weren’t around 🙂
2nd- No! I am not trying to teach you French.
3rd – I bet you understood the question and answered it…..but did you really?
4th – I’m Me….I’m doing Me! Who cares about… what? I’m not perfect blah, blah!

We have become a world filled with one million and one excuses and justifications for our actions; actions by which every thing and everyone is guilty except US. “It wasn’t my fault” “He, She, It–made me do it” Not caring for anyone but ourselves. A world of people without feelings! A humanity of selfish, self absorbed, uncaring, insufferable, cruel & entitled people whose main concern is [Our]-The[ir] –“Self”


With the public onset of what seems like the complete and utter disregard of human life, I keep asking: “Who are We?” Yes….who are we? I generalize because we are not only failing at loving one another, we are failing at protecting our kind–human kind. We are failing at protecting our Humanity.

Today, I was in the hospital waiting to be called for another horribly painful & potentially dangerous biopsy. As I sat in the waiting room, I began watching the CNN coverage of the terrorist attack in Paris. There was a new video, showing two men casually reloading their firearms and chanting some words with the only palpable passion they could muster. The rest was the most chilling and relaxed display of detachment and disgust for the lives of other human beings. I felt like I was floating. I was in sheer terror and complete disbelief at the cool, calm and collected demeanor of these two individuals, as they casually walked away from the lifeless bodies of the 11 people they murdered. Proudly and haughtily walking towards another man and joyfully executing him cold blood as He pleaded for his life.

I have always thought that at the core, even the most cold blooded killer would feel remorse or be bothered to some degree of the pain and suffering of other humans. That beyond the calculated facade triggered by psychological trauma, or chemical imbalance; a discomfort, pain, disgust would move them to regret their actions.
But seeing these individuals act with jovial casualness and gleeful convection to the loss of life, truly brought me to tears. I tried to hide my red face and overflowing tears. None but one person noticed my reaction and addressed me. The one person was an elderly woman whose words made me think….she spoke to me in Spanish and said:

“Esos son animales….eso es la falta de respeto y moral que trae a la sociedad a sus rodillas. El mundo se esta acabando. Dios tenga misericordia!”

“Those men are animals….that is the result of a lack of respect and morals that is bringing our society to it’s knees. The world is ending. God have mercy!”

I nodded my head while looking down. I couldn’t face her. I felt ashamed for the human race, ashamed of this generation, ashamed of the world. She is right! The world is ending and instead of seeking ways to make it better, we see men hunting men in the jungle of life. Hiding behind a lack of accountability and responsibility. Hiding behind religion and geography; Calling for the proprietorship of natural resources that belong to all, because no one has ownership of what God created. Hiding behind our differences–physical, cultural, religious, social and moral differences. Acting as if our views, opinions, perceptions and beliefs ought to be the general rule to follow.

Goodness!!!! We are all different for a reason –why can’t we respect that? And yes, I get “Passion” but I find the ridiculousness of those individuals whose main drive in life is to rule all, beyond delusional. The hunger for power and sovereignty over all who don’t follow or bow down to their will, incredibly arrogant and generally petty. However, the sad part of the whole scheme is that the love of power and the gain of capita, supersedes the love, respect and acceptance of our fellow mankind; Could it be that money is more valuable than life? That power is more important than the human race? We are destroying our planet, destroying nature, destroying life! We have men creating weapons to kill other men. Because, the moment we disagree or feel the cold grip of fear of the unknown, we rather hit first and ask later…When it’s usually too late….

Whatever happen to communicating? Dialogue? Compromise? I guess we became the top of food chain, the Hunter and the hunted. It is sad….sad indeed!

“Qui Suis Je? ”
…….Je Suis? Un Être Humain???



7 thoughts on “Je Suis…..

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  2. Its so sad to see the current events of one killing another. You are right there are some of out there that have complete disregard of human life. Its enough to make one go crazy. The big question is how do we change it as a society. How do we instill the importance of each others lives?

    • I wholeheartedly believe that Love would be the way to change society & change ourselves. The moment we learn to love others the way we love, care & protect ourselves, we will see a change. When someone’s pain become our pain, and someone else’s happiness becomes our happiness. When we stop being selfish and take responsibility & accountability for our actions, I promise you peace will rule & we as human race would be better. Majority of people don’t see one another…..they see social, financial, cultural status. They see color of skin, religion, even diets.
      The killings and power hungry want to dominate. We as humans are the Hunter & the Hunted. And it is sad!

      • I must agree, one of the bigger task at hand is to figure out how to change the mindset of looking at people for what they can mean to you. Whether its social, financial or cultural.

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