Let it Snow ❄️


The wondrous beauty of creation’s high, embodied by a billion stars. Oh, so diminutive, perfectly made, unique and equally designedly shaped. No two other are the same, the creator made them to be completely different and oh, so unchanged!
One of a kind, like the stars in the constellation, chosen to fall upon our own earth’s gr

To bring a smile, to grant a wish, to make the sky so bright and pink!
The cold touch, such bright perfection, the crisp sound crunch upon the earth’s creation. The swirling hollowed windy whistle, chills me down and warms my mind.
Covers all with frosty bits and fills within my heart so deep. Beautiful and pure, upon us humans, We spoil it all with scorn and unappreciative sneer.
Oh, how I love thee, winters touch, as I feel your frosty touch! It is a present from my God above, telling me Ada, this is just for….
Oh, how I love the sky so bright, tickled pink, with crisps of white….sprinkled upon my weary heart, as I say, thank you! Oh thank you God!
The dreamy complexity of understated beauty, dared to be compared by none other! A SNOWFLAKE from the sky, the constellations fall upon my hand! How giddy and pure of sight, just as a child whose open mouth, wishes to taste with such delight, a snowflake falling right from the sky.

I hope you enjoy!
Love, Peace & Chicken Grease ❄️


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