The kiss of Spring….

ser·en·dip·i·ty - serənˈdipədē/

As I slowly made my way to jury duty this am, I looked at a seemingly barren tree, lifeless with dry branches. This tree was surrounded by several other trees in full bloom. It’s the kiss of spring, I though and there was beauty all around the out of place dried up tree; apparently late to the blooming party.

The reason I mention this particular tree, is because this tree as barren & dry as it seemed, it was not. You see, there was one single white flower blooming.

This particular morning I was feeling out of sorts. Feeling invisible…and upset at the frailties of my body. I try not to dwell on those self depreciation moments & move on. I truly do feel blessed & grateful for life. Anyway, as I kept trying to unsuccessfully cheer & pep myself up, I kept telling myself that all is as it…

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