“It must’ve been….”

✨Feeling as though my thoughts are traveling one million miles per hour….None make sense. My inner speech blurred and I’m seriously at peril of sounding stupid, if I ever find a way to make my voice box sound. I can’t seem to gather any coherent thoughts thus unable to utter any intelligible words. Cannot seem to concentrate beyond this feeling. My heart compressed, my breath shallow & tachycardia has definitely set. It feels as if my heart is doing summersaults and I feel slightly nauseated. Giant Butterflies in my tummy & my skin is covered in goose bumps. My face flushed and I bet my pupils must be freakishly dilated. I am perspiring & shaking –I’m hot & I’m cold simultaneously. I’m terrified and elated. Happy and sad. My body feels light and heavy. I’m lightheaded. Slightly intoxicated with the most beautiful & delicious sensation. 

What is this? What is this overwhelming force making the beats of my heart sound louder than the strings of a base playing at full capacity with no other instrument accompaniment.

I know!…..It is….. It was….. It’s him! The mere sight of him sets the most potent and devastating; the most exhilarating but terrifying; the most brilliant but nerve wrecking of feelings. How? Why? 

How can someone’s presence move the earth from its axis? How can your entire universe be shaken and rearranged by the mere sight of Him? Just the sound of his name brings your heart to take giant leaps, trying to break out of your chest… 

How can you recover? How do you recover? I thought I knew; I thought I had fallen before. I thought that I knew how it felt. I thought I knew the excitement of seeing your beloved. I felt butterflies before and excitement. What was it? Everything I felt before pales miserably in comparison to this tsunami taking over my soul. How do I tell my heart there is a difference. Was I wrong? What is this feeling? Unprovoked, unexpected, terrifying and exhilarating. Could it be? Is it? It must be…..✨

Live! Love! Laughs!



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