Love Actually….


ser·en·dip·i·ty - serənˈdipədē/

I am convinced beyond the shadow of doubt that LOVE is the absolute redeeming quality mankind could possess! Love, in it’s purest form allows us to reach God…..We are able to move God from his throne! How? When we pour our hearts out in prayer, we selflessly perform an act of LOVE. Yes! Love! An act of Love….because it is only through Love itself that we can open our hearts to give! To give our time, patience, forgiveness etc! Oh, but there is much more….Love, has made possible for mercy, grace and kindness, to still mend broken hearts; and to fill the void carved into the hearts of man kind. A void made by suffering, hate, selfishness, resentments–a void made by wars and all evil, unjust, unfair situations; and/or consequences of our actions, and/or the actions of others. Love, heals and changes us. Love mends brokenness and aids the heart…

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