….So what’s Next? Who knows! We’ve got 365 days to exact….? Welcome 2016 the year without expectations! 

Welcome 2016!!!!

This is my “Blogversary” official date! Writing a blog, was not my priority goal. I wanted to see if I could actually do it. See how much of Me I could actually share via this medium about the things I love & enjoy which are books, cupcakes, shoes, etc. Given the posts I’ve shared & the hundreds of posts I’ve never shared, (perhaps I will one day share) I could proudly say, I devoted some time to writing for my lil unknown, unpopular blog space. 

This past year, I read some brilliant posts & others not so much; but definitely really entertaining. Writing about books or movies; cupcakes & shoes; music and art…etc is what I set out to do….and if you’ve read some of my posts you may have found some of that; and for the most part, not so much is written about those topics. You see blogging  was a “particularish” goal last year. As I mentioned not my priority, but somehow & thank God I kept writing, sharing & I kept it going despite all I faced in 2015!! You saw a lot of my rollercoaster moments! I revealed much of me & not so much simultaneously! 🙃🙂

Writing is my “One” thing, however I have discovered how much I protect it. My words….my thoughts in paper…its sacred, it’s mine and yes there may be a lil bit of talent but once out there it isn’t at all mine anymore. I must learn to separate Me from my writing…even my nonfiction if you know me well, you will find those traits of me…..those are mine, not my characters! 

I find it hard to share my writings. Is as if I’m revealing too much of myself. Like a intimate snapshot of my soul. Like a photograph which reflects absolutely the way you feel entirely. I see everything so different. My eyes see all with a different set of perspective. I see such beauty and promise; I can also find such sadness in despair even in the most remotely of hidden grief from the most brightest and prominent of smiles. I keep my head down a lot….sometimes wishing to be invisible. Actually feeling invisible. 

I’m afraid of my projected stories- afraid to find out if published what exact impact or lack thereof,  they may have. I offer such a minimal glimpse of me in my social media presence. I am such a transparent being, that if I show too much, I will be an easy target to decipher. I am too delicate and vulnerable; I am strong & smart and I’m very, very private. I am always Me! Does that make sense?  I wonder and question a lot…how will my writing or my revelations affect others in anyway…? What if…

I have the tendency to bury my own reality in books. Often hiding in my own bubble of happiness or grief because I don’t wish to offend anyone who is feeling the opposite of me…. I find myself protecting others of my words, of my feelings. 

I’m such a nut job 🙃 

Anyway my people don’t read too much into this….

May your New Year be amazing!!!! 

Love! Peace! Chicken, beef or seafood grease ☺️



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