In truth, love and other things…. 

“They say that truth is the best indication against slander. So what’s the truth? … You Believe nothing. Just because a wise man said it, or you read it in a book…words of divine order, or because your mother told you…it doesn’t make it true. Believe only what you yourself can test and judge to be true.[…] Falling in love is the easiest thing you’re ever gonna do. It’s the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing. That’s why falling out of love hurts like hell, but falling in love is beautiful …there’s nothing better. It’s the best it ever gets. […] A lifetime of love. Now there’s a miracle. Relationships aren’t always easy. How many of you are divorced? Divorce doesn’t just happen. And relationships don’t just end in an instant. […] We all want to be loved…to be happy. So why aren’t we? Because we’ve become experts at sabotaging our own happiness. Feeling like victims, when in fact it’s the choices we make, the bad habits, the vices, the inability to show love and compassion. These are the things that tear us down. We’re not victims. We’re assassins when it comes to love and happiness.[…] Ah, we applaud the sentiment, but we don’t change. Why? Because we want what we want. So we do it, we say it, we try it and we victimize ourselves.[…] It’s a question of character. It’s really about who has better character….”
-Dan Scott-

“One Tree Hill

I hope you enjoy this! I did!

Love, Peace & Joy!



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