What happened to Love? 

What happened to romance? What happened to sappy longhand written love letters? What happened to wooing and courting? What happened to butterflies in your stomach, immediate smiles just listening to that person’s voice? What happened to nervous ramblings and blushing upon seeing that person’s face? What happened to daydreaming and anxiously biting your lip in anticipation of a chance encounter with that person who takes your breath away?….whose face plays like a broken record in your mind over and over again? What happened when the idea of kissing the lips of that person seemed like the most rewarding and utterly unattainable dream to have? What happened when imagining holding hands and looking at the starry vast sky was the most you inspired to do together? When a twirl, a shy smile, whispering “You are so beautiful” and looking longingly into the eyes of that person gave you the most amazing rush? What happened to happily ever after? Reading poems in the park … On a blanket on a warm sunny day? To holding hands and walking in the rain? Walking on the beach and feeling the sand burning your feet; fully clothed and then sitting in the sand watching a sunset while you hold hands & your feet buried in the sand? What happened to sappy love songs? What happened to compliments and to kisses on the forehead? What happened to Kissing the hand and just looking deeply into each other’s eyes while your heart seemed to want to leap out of your chest? What happened to looking at the same moon while in separate places and mentally exchanging love messages? What happened to LOVE without lust? What happened to sacrifice over selflessness? What happened to listening and knowing what that person loved & liked? And What would make that person smile instantly and clearly be able to see the untold dreams of that persons heart written all over the face just by glimpsing a picture, a book, or just listening to a song? What happened to sending flowers and books? What happened to the only substance you needed to intoxicate/inebriate yourself was the scent of that persons hair as it blew in the wind? What happened to thinking of a face instead of just the body? …. When did LOVE & romance became just a cautionary tale of things never to happen to us? What happened to sharing dreams & hopes; to being friends and have fun? That the most beautiful and sexy thing you saw was the smile or raucous laughter out of the lips of that person?  What ever happened to LOVE??? I know the ideal of Love – True Love has been lost in the never ending selfish pool of commercialism & entitlement of this practical & unfeeling generation. But as antiquated & hopeless; as naive & Romantic dreamer as that makes Me, I wholeheartedly and utterly believe in love! I am unabashedly a romantic at heart. I believe in soulmates and True Love, love letters and romance. I believe in the electricity and sparks when your hands touch, when you hear, see or catch that person looking at you. The feeling of only the two of you even when you are in a room full of people; surrounded by noise and distractions but you only have eyes & ears for each other! I believe in that & I wish more people did too!!!! 

✨Sending Love wishes to you all ✨



28 thoughts on “What happened to Love? 

  1. What if you crammed all of that thinking into one single moment with another and just stared into their eyes until a knowing smile crept into the corner of each others lips? Would that be enough?

    Beautiful writing, don’t ever stop 🌞

    • I have!!! It’s absolutely amazing!!! Believe me I am incredibly in love with the capacity of showing physical love. I just think, that we have made it all about the superficiality and selfishness of merely seeking climax, that we forget to reach the soul & satisfy the heart as well! I love the build up of moments, emotions leading to that moment that culminates in excruciating pleasure….what do you think happens when you give in to lust? When it’s love you can show that person how you feel, without the awkwardness, walk of shame & really seeing a person you just shared a passionate moment with for what they truly are, just a stranger. I cannot truly talk about the latter much, because I am not experienced in such, but this is the generalized consensus from those I’ve spoken to or have read about. It is my sincere hope everyone could feel the amazingness & beauty only true Love can make one feel.

  2. I hope the pendulum swings so that my great grandchildren will know love rather than lust. You have asked important questions. My husband and I did not share a kiss until he asked me to marry him. Thank you for liking “Still Loving You, Matey.” I’m clicking your follow so I will see you more.

    • Oneta, I, too join you in prayer! Here’s hoping the pendulum does swing for my children & my future grandchildren. I wholeheartedly believe that love is the only redeeming quality we humans have left. I believe that God’s mercies are planted firmly in his love for us! Btw I loved your post! There is something so wise, warm & melancholy in your writing. I will follow you as well to read more. Hugs!

  3. Wow! This is ecstatic! It took me to the moon and back being a romantic person myself! Thank you so much for this piece! It touched a part of me in hibernation 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  4. Thanks for the like! Also, beautiful piece. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that love is real and that soulmates exist 🙂

    • I’m 100% with you on that Brea. So much evil out there, but Love is the one redeeming quality we as humans have left. It’s isn’t only romantic love, but Love in all we do.

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  7. Em. Love felt like magic once – very recently, infact. Unfortunately, it turned out one-sided. I think, I fell in love with them because.. I needed love. I don’t know.

    What I do know is that, nearly every morning, I texted them a block of text. Nearly every morning. I don’t think I ever got any back in return. It felt like magic.

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