“It must’ve been….”

ser·en·dip·i·ty - serənˈdipədē/

✨Feeling as though my thoughts are traveling one million miles per hour….None make sense. My inner speech blurred and I’m seriously at peril of sounding stupid, if I ever find a way to make my voice box sound. I can’t seem to gather any coherent thoughts thus unable to utter any intelligible words.Cannot seem to concentrate beyond this feeling. My heart compressed, my breath shallow & tachycardia has definitely set. It feels as if my heart is doing summersaults and I feel slightly nauseated. Giant Butterflies in my tummy & my skin is covered in goose bumps. My face flushed and I bet my pupils must be freakishly dilated. I am perspiring & shaking –I’m hot & I’m cold simultaneously. I’m terrified and elated. Happy and sad. My body feels light and heavy. I’m lightheaded. Slightly intoxicated with the most beautiful & delicious sensation.

What is this? What is this…

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