What would you do???

What would you do if you were not afraid? 

Will the absence of fear in your life:

Free you?

Complete you?

Make you happy?

Make you courageous? 

Where would a life without fear take you? What would it show you? What would it mean to have no fear in such a scary world, being suffocated by such scary words? To be witness to such scary scorn and yet wondering where did so much hate come from? 

To wonder if the fear will ever go? The fear to be you! The fear to be happy! The fear to love & laugh without stopping….. 

What Would You do if You were Not Afraid? 

I wish I knew….. 

Live! Love! Laugh!



9 thoughts on “What would you do???

  1. Good questions!
    I am not afraid. Not saying it’s impossible, but for the most part I have no fear. I feel secure – I AM secure – in the love of God.
    What will I do?
    Retire in September and move from Belgium to Japan to share that love.

  2. I am so very glad to hear you are free from fear. I hope one day to be …. One of my biggest fears is letting God down due to my lack of fear. I trust God & I know he can do it all, I don’t doubt him–I doubt me!
    I hope you have a fantastic retirement & trips!!!

    • Don’t worry, Ada, He knows all about you – you literally CANNOT let Him down, any more than a toddler lets its parents down by stumbling and falling!
      Thanks for your good wishes about my retirement – it IS going to be fantastic as you will see through my blog.
      Of course, this is not because I am fantastic, or even because my wife is fantastic (even though she is!) but because our God is fantastic!
      I’ll keep on following your blog with interest … and the occasional comment! 🙂

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